Kőszeg, the charming little town

The city of Kőszeg, having rich history and various monuments, is one of Hungary’s 100 wonders located at the feet of the Alps. The unique mood of the middle ages enchants the traveller’s mind, while the blooming nature and the unique subalpine climate energizes its body.

Forget about the rushing world, find peace and silence at the romantic countryside.

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2016. February 5.

Romantic days out for couples

Plan a romantic getaway over the weekend, and take your loved one to our little historical town that will let you to soak in the romance in peace.

2019. December 11.

Fragrant spring

Stepping out of our hotel door into the fairy tale's main square, you will immediately feel the scent of the mountain air and the awakening nature. Discover the cozy streets of Kőszeg and hike in the green mountains!

2019. December 12.

Romantic breaks in winter

As the temperature starts to fall, keep the fires of passion burning with a romantic winter weekend break. Enjoy the cozy winter days in the little medieval town of Kőszeg.


Our friendly spa with different saunas will provide our guests with ideal location for all their recreational needs.


Our restaurant offers you traditional Hungarian cuisine each day of the week.

Tó-Part Apartment house

The house with its 5 apartments is located at the shore of the boating lake, within 15 minutes walking distance from the city centre.

Keresztkút Apartments

3 apartments are awaiting the nature lovers in the Kőszeg mountains, only 15 minutes driving distance from the city centre.


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