Menu card


Mozzarella and Tomato 500,- Ft
Vegetable sticks with dip 400,- Ft


Bouillon with vegetables 500,- Ft
Goulash soup in cup or bowl 500,- Ft / 650,- Ft
Chicken ragout soup with tarragon 500,- Ft
Cold fruit soup 500,- Ft


Roasted Pangasius with parsley potatoes and lemon sauce 1 650,- Ft
Zander „Orly” with steamed rice and tartar sauce 1 850,- Ft
Catfish stew with curdy pasta 1 750,- Ft


Fried chicken slices with fresh salad and dressing 1 650,- Ft
Cordon bleu chicken breast with straw potatoes 1 650,- Ft
Rosemary fried chicken leg filet with grilled vegetables 1 650,- Ft
Chicken breast with baked tomatoes, mozzarella and rice 1 650,- Ft


Pork tenderloin steak with fresh letcho and fried potatoes 1 950,- Ft
Fried pork chop with pommes frites 1 750,- Ft
Fried pork clod, ketchup beans, fried onion rings and potatoes 1 650,- Ft
Fried, smoked pork knuckle with potatoes and horse radish 1 850,- Ft
Rosemary-mustard pork clod with rice and cooked vegetables 1 650,- Ft


Beef stew cooked with red wine, served with fried potato dumplings 1 850,- Ft


Írottkő Platter for 2 persons 3 990,- Ft
Fried pork chop filled with tricolor paprika and ham, fried chicken breast stripes, fried cheese, roasted pork chop with creamy chanterelle sauce, pommes frites, rice, cooked vegetables, pickles


Grilled camembert in nut coat with rice and blueberry jam 1 350,- Ft
Spaghetti with zucchini 990,- Ft
Polenta with tomato and cheese sauce 990,- Ft


Fish sticks with rice and tartar sauce 890,- Ft
Fried chicken breast stripes, pommes frites and ketchup 890,- Ft
Spaghetti „pomodoro” 890,- Ft


Hungarian trifle (Somlói galuska) 690,- Ft
Poppy Seed Bread Pudding with vanilla sauce (Mákos guba) 490,- Ft
Pot Pancakes with fruit and caramel sauce 690,- Ft


Prices in Hungarian Forint including VAT. Valid until withdrawn.