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Bükfürdő Health and Adventure Centre

18 km from Kőszeg / 20 min
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Bük found an enormous treasure by discovering hot water near the town’s boundaries.

The thermal waters of unique components containing more than 15 000 mg/l minerals were classified as medicinal water in 1965, and with the construction of pools, and later on a covered spa followed by further developments Bükfürdő gradually became a medicinal spa and healing centre known across the whole of Europe.

The Bükfürdő Health and Adventure Centre is a real paradise for anyone wishing to find an opportunity for healing, relaxation, recreation and bathing. The spa complex located in a 14-acre park with shady trees includes 32 medicinal, swimming and adventure pools covering over 5 000 m2 of water surface, a modern Sauna World and a Wellness Centre, a recognized Therapy Department and a campsite to be enjoyed by the guests.

Spa and Wellness Centre Sárvár

43 km from Kőszeg / 45 min
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Healing Spa is responsible first of all for relaxation with thermal baths and adventure pools. It is separated from the family spa, therefore guest can enjoy undisturbed the relaxing and warm thermal water.

In the pools that are filled with the excellent medical water of Sárvár, the silky water percolates the body and the soul, making one to forget the everyday worries and curing the aching joints and rheumatic complaints.

Familiy Spa is a place, where both young and old members of family can enjoy themselves! The new family adventure world is connected to the spa with a spacious corridor. Here even the youngest can enjoy swimming and floundering safe and sound every day of the year!

From the 1st May until the end of September guests can enjoy splashing in the outdoor pools with pleasant water temperatures! Giant slides, different sports opportunities, games and animation programmes offer both old and young amusement.

Thermal Spa Lutzmannsburg

19 km from Kőszeg / 22 min
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Paradise for families – babies, kids and parents! The place where the smallest are the greatest! For at Europe’s leading baby and toddler thermal spa, fun and relaxation are not contradictory terms. Not for the little ones or for those who have long since left their water wings behind.

In BabyWorld, babies and small kids have a world of adventure all to themselves. They can explore the element of water with their mums and dads in the shallow baby pool and baby groove and toddlers can take their first ever plunge into the water on Quaxi or Flipper slide.

In the Speed World young and old alike can relish in unlimited slide adventure.

On the outdoor grassy play area there are lots of attractions. Big people too will enjoy fun and action in the outdoor area.

Sweating is the norm at Sauna World in all its variety, until you take the plunge – literally – and jump into the ice-cold pool. Or you can relax after the heat in the quiet area.





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