Special events

Enter the book of wine shoots

Each year, the mayor presented the wine shoots from the St. George’s Day and entered into the Book of wine shoots since 1740 at the town hall.

This unique book is still continued and preserved in the Local History Museum.

Siege days

Colorful programs in the Jurisics Castle every year in August. In commemoration of the Turkish siege in 1532, the programs call the visitors to a historic adventure.

The memory lasts all month: Castle Marathon between Sarvar and Koszeg, chess tournament, boxing gala, concerts, performances, and at the end of a worthy tribute to the great hero. In August we celebrate the heroes of Kőszeg.

Kőszeg Vintage and International Wind Orchestra Meeting

The three-day event takes place every year on the last weekend in September.

During the wine days visitors will have the opportunity to choose from more cultural, wine and other entertainment programs. In connection with the wine days the program is enriched by an international band meetings.

Chestnut days in Velem

Velem is a little village with 345 inhabitants in the Kőszeg Hills in scenic surroundings.

In Hungary best known and most popular event is the famous Chestnut Festival in October. Special food, dance and music programs await visitors.

Ursula Days’ Fair

The two-day event takes place in the Natural Park Írottkő every year in October, where visitors can buy handmade products and drinking red wine from Kőszeg.

Characteristic dishes of Kőszeg and the surrounding area, local wine and different types of honey and pottery are offered. Amateur musicians and various chapels ensure the good mood.





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