Wellness centre

Our friendly wellness department serves the rest and relaxation. We do our best to ensure a clean and calm environment in today’s rushing world. Wellness staff are at your disposal in case of questions and requests. The sauna world (Finnish sauna, infra sauna, steam bath) and the salt cave are available for guest free of charge.

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is the most known type of sauna in Europe. The relaxation and sweating is ensured by the high temperature (80-90°C) and low humidity (0-10%). The usage of Finnish sauna helps detoxification, improves immunity against diseases and has a good impact on the heart and the complete blood circulation.

Infra sauna

The relatively lower temperature (40-50 °C) results less stress on the body. Infra-red rays relax and repair tired muscles under the skin. Infra sauna is recommended for detoxification, pain relief and weight loss as well as cleaning of the skin and cellulite reduction.

Steam bath

The temperature of the steam bath is 50-55°C, while humidity is about 70-100%. It has a good effect on the upper respiratory tract; multiple use effectively heals asthma, rheumatism, hoarseness, muscle pain and some types of blood circulation issues. Steam bath protects and tightens the skin and detoxifies the body.

Bathrobe rental is available against € 2,5 / bathrobe / day rental fee and € 7 bathrobe deposit. Towels and sauna towels are available for our guest free of charge at the wellness department. Ask for details at the wellness department.

Salt room

The essence of salt room is rock salt that is deployed in form of huge blocks into the room. Temperature and humidity is identical to the original climate of real salt mines.

The high salt content results clean and germfree air that is good to inhale because it strengthens the lungs, dissolves the adherent mucus and reduces infections of the respiratory system.

It is advised to spend around 30-50 minutes in the salt room. It’s the best to use salt room regularly throughout the year, however 5-8 consecutive treatments may already results in noticeable improvement.

Other services

At the ground floor of the hotel various beauty services are available:

  • Massage salon: www.aloha-massage.hu
  • Hair dresser : +36 20/968-7872
  • Manicure, pedicure: +36 20/545-8340
  • Beauty salon: +36-30-463-6990





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